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Spoil us and we'll cut you to RIBBONS
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Supernatural Spoiler Free

SpnFenCentral - Home of the Spoilerphobes

spnfencentral is a hardline, 100% Spoiler Free Supernatural Community. Spoil Us and Your Membership will be immediately revoked (and we'll probably say very nasty things about you).


So, what are spoilers, you ask? Our hardline anti spoiler definition includes (but is not limited to):

  • Episode descriptions - in fact ANY detail from unaired episodes in the COUNTRY OF ORIGIN
  • Unaired episode titles
  • The contents of those evil "soon" trailers
  • The contents of ANY trailers
  • The freaking directors cuts
  • Behind the scenes pics from any unaired episode
  • Casting rumours - the fact there IS a casting rumour - the fact that there's another character that isn't Sam'n'Dean? Is a spoiler.
  • Icons with the pre-released material? Are spoilers.
  • Just about anything that comes out of Jared's and Eric's mouths in the run up to a new season... (we know, we know, it's cute they get so excited...)
  • Basically, if it's not been on screen, in an episode, it's a spoiler.

To clarify:
Supernatural, Bones, Smallville, Fringe, Heroes, etc are US fandoms.
Dr Who, Torcwood, etc are UK fandoms

After polling the comm: We will alert for spoilers from the previously aired episode for 72hrs after the episode has aired in the earliest timezone in the US and the comm itself will remain spoilerfree for a week after the episode has aired (other than within the episode discussion post - which will be safely cut). After airing, within the comm the episode will be referred to by its number in all other posts and the news posts will be worded accordingly (although the news may pertain to the previously aired episode. You can see a fuller explanation here

The Rules

There aren't many rules around here, but here are the few that we ask you to follow.

Cuts are everyone's friend. If you're not sure how to make a cut, come on over to our "newbies" post and find out. If you post a spoiler, you will be banned. No comebacks, no apologies, just gone.

Membership is moderated. We approve 95% of people who apply: if your membership is declined it’s because your LJ is not active enough for us to be comfortable. The main reason we moderate is to avoid spoiler trolls in the form of sockpuppets. We want this comm to be completely spoiler safe. If you have been turned down for membership, you are welcome to watch the community, and re-apply in a couple of months after you've commented/posted a little more around Livejournal.

All posts are moderated, we'll approve them as fast as we're able, and we've mods covering 24hrs from our various timezones, but sometimes real life might slow us down a little.

No posting spoilers. NONE. This is a HARD FAST RULE and you will be kicked out if you break it. This includes comments on any of the comm posts, posts you make here, any posts you link to from here and any icons you use on posts or comments here.

We're a deliberately low traffic comm If you've fic, icons, picspams, fanvids, mixes, etc to share them please drop a comment to the newest pimpyo post and we'll pimp it out for you next Wednesday. Please Do NOT cross link to friends locked posts on your personal journal

Only spoilerphobe icons/banners/headers etc accepted in their own posts Please have a maximum of 3 icons or a small preview outwith a cut for teaser purposes and please make sure that anything unsuitable for viewing from work is under a cut or link, and the cut/link is suitably labelled.

Our Content

We do a news round up post every day and we'd really love you to post any spoilerfree news or pictures and share with us; if you come across anything, please do comment to the latest news post or email us at spnfen[@]googlemail.com

Spoiler Alerts We rely on our members to warn the rest of us about any spoilers for the upcoming episodes (or the previous episode within 72hours of airing) that they've stumbled upon (and we're very grateful). We approve these posts through as quickly as possible, but we do prefer them to contain the following information:

Spoiler location: community name/website
Spoilers are: Out of cut/In post title/on main page
Spoiler type: Episode title/Stills/promo pics/casting/plot
For Episode: Episode number/whole season/unknown upcoming ep


If you wish to affiliate with us, please drop us a comment on any of our news posts with a link to your community and your spoiler stance.

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Comm banners

Love the comm? Appreciate the news posts? Pay a little back by pimping us out a little! The following banners have been made for us by the awesome smeckles90. To use any of these, simply copy and paste the provided html and you’re set. No need to upload to your own image host!

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