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08 January 2008 @ 08:00 pm
Reccs post  

whiskyinmind (me!) reccs:

Title Still Here, Still Me
Creator K Hanna Korossy
Medium Fic
Rating, Genre, warnings: Gen, angst
Link http://www.thestade.com/khksn95.html
Summary Sam tries to deal with the guilt his actions have wrought in Born Under a Bad Sign.

Title Waiting in the Shadows
Creator wenchpixie
Medium Fic
Rating, Genre, warnings: NC-17, AU, RPS, Blood play
Link http://wenchpixie.livejournal.com/268569.html
Summary Jensen watches Jared from the shadows as he has his fun

Title Innocence & Cruelty
Creator bellatemple
Medium Fic
Rating, Genre, warnings: R, gen. AU, dark
Link http://bellatemple.livejournal.com/190736.html
Summary The Yellow Eyed Demon decides to get its chosen children started on their path early.

Title Afternoons and Coffeespoons
Creator bellatemple
Medium PG-13
Rating, Genre, warnings: AU, companion (kinda) to Innocence & Cruelty
Link http://bellatemple.livejournal.com/192841.html
Summary The Yellow Eyed Demon was a liiiiiiittle bit delayed in getting around to his psychic kids.

wenchpixie reccs:
Title Trickle down to our goodbyes
Creator gretazreta
Medium Fic
Rating, Genre, warnings: G, J2 RPS
Link http://gretazreta.livejournal.com/13699.html
Summary Written for fluffandfold, for the prompt: Jensenmaking breakfast in the morning after a long day of shooting the previous night for Jared and him, the dogs at his feet, and Jaredwatching..

"It's a lovely, gentle fic. Save it for when you need a bit of romantic cheering up."

you're all coming back post-festivities and there's still no new ep 'till the end of the month. How about reccing something that will get us through until Show returns.

Every Tuesday we're going to ask you to recommend your favourite fic, icons, art, vids, whatever in the fandom - the posts can be new or old, just as long as they've not been recc'd here before

You have a week to comment on this post or email the mods (spnfen (at) googlemail.com) and then we'll gather up all the links and put them in the Tuesday post (which will then be open for that week's recommendations).

All spoilerfree reccs welcome - all ratings/genres too, but do please include that information in your recc. We're still warning for AHBL spoilers at this point please (linking to them is cool, just warn :)), and if there's any pairing, be it Slash (inc Wincest) or Het, then we'd like to know that too please. :).

No self reccing - there'll be another post for that tomorrow later today! (since I'm late!).

Title:The one about the yoyo
Creator: eg: Wenchpixie
Medium: eg: fic
Rating, Genre, warnings: NC17, Het, RoadhouseHunterFred/Ellen Spoilers for AHBL II
Link: HTTP:\\wenchpixie.livejournal.com\link.html
(if you're mailing us, please include your username :))

And for your convenience:
Current Emo: soresore
Cassette Tape Collection:: Firefly - Bushwhacked
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augustfading: Dean thumbs upaugustfading on January 15th, 2008 10:42 pm (UTC)
Sorry there is just one, I will come back with more for next week!

Title: A Little Fall Of Rain
Creator: splashpink
Medium: Fic
Rating, Genre, warnings: Romance, Angst, H/C, J2 RPS, NC17 (14,000 words)
Link: Part One | Part Two
Summary: 2007, a young author hunts for decades old clues in the death of an actor. 1966, whilst walking in the rain, a barman with a debt too big to pay saves the life of Hollywood's biggest star.

Edit: Oh, I have another if I am not too late, by the same author.

Title: Sam Winchester Vs The CW
Creator: splashpink
Medium: Fic
Rating, Genre, warnings: PG13, Crack
Link: http://splashpink.livejournal.com/49440.html#cutid1
Summary: Sam needs help saving his brother from Hell and turns to a questionable source for assistance.

Edited at 2008-01-15 11:00 pm (UTC)
Ash: Asylum - Official Dorkpurplephoenix03 on January 15th, 2008 11:25 pm (UTC)
As promised...

Title Iconsies
Creator applepie_icons
Medium art
Rating, Genre, warnings: None
Link http://community.livejournal.com/applepie_icons/23054.html
Summary Some really funky SPN quote icons as well as 301 and gen character icons


Title SPN themed layout
Creator sweetgirl7808
Medium art, css
Rating, Genre, warnings: None
Link http://sweetgirl7808.livejournal.com/39948.html
Summary A basic S2 flexible squares layout comepletely ready to use with all images and codes supplied


Title Know This
Creator hay1ock
Medium fanvid
Rating, Genre, warnings: Wincest
Link http://hay1ock.livejournal.com/45478.html
Summary Here be pre-pilot wincest!!
Dean could never be good enough for Sam. His own fears push Sam away, push Sam to go to Stanford and find better things than Dean believes he could ever offer Sam.
But has Dean made the right decision by pushing Sam away? Could there be a chance for them? And if there is? Could Dean take that chance?

Songvid to Hinder's Know This.
Dirtylecki: wincest - kissagt_league on January 16th, 2008 08:52 am (UTC)
Title: No title?
Creator: strippedpink
Medium: Vid.
Rating, Genre, warnings: Wincest, Sam/Dean, schmoop, crack.
Link: http://keepaofthecheez.livejournal.com/510638.html
Summary: A schmoopy Wincesty vid.